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Welcome to MindsEye Radio, a virtual newsstand connecting people with vision loss to the news and entertainment they need to lead full lives.

Thanks to your support, people with visual impairments in 30 counties throughout St. Louis have been able to turn to MindsEye since 1973. Find out more about our mission, our current activities, and the blindness community right here.

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MindsEye provides readings from local and national publications through radio and internet broadcasts to enable individuals in the blind and print impaired community of Metro St. Louis to stay connected and self-reliant.


Vision & Values

MindsEye will provide a broad range of ever evolving programming designed with our listeners in mind, delivered by volunteers and staff who exemplify our culture of excellence.  Regardless of delivery method, MindsEye will be a reliable source of news, information, and entertainment that people with vision loss and other disabilities will seek out and depend upon.

MindsEye's core values are excellence, sustainability, and compassion. These guide every aspect of the organization.


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