“There are so many great organizations out there waiting to help people who have lost their vision. I’m glad MindsEye makes a point of connecting listeners to them.” - Rita, retired accessibility instructor

You are familiar with MindsEye and the work the station does. You may even volunteer. You’ve come to events. You’ve donated. But how many listeners do you know?

MindsEye listeners are spread out in a 75 mile radius around the city of St. Louis. They can be difficult to reach. Now, thanks to a unique program offering, listeners, MindsEye supporters, and the general public can stay up-to-date in the same way.

If you have the chance, head over to MindsEye’s SoundCloud page. This page hosts clips from MindsEye’s “Ear to Ear” show. Each clip is roughly 10 to 15 minutes long and features a host of interviewees – including listeners.

MindsEye’s mission affects a diverse group of people. Listener interviews are broadcast as a way to keep listeners connected with each other, but it also helps volunteers and other members of the public stay in touch with listeners as well.

Since its inception, the “Ear to Ear” program has continued to grow. It now features the talents of Development Director Jason Frazier, Community Outreach Coordinator Amelia Christ, and Broadcast and Volunteer Assistant Mike Curtis. Interviews are available right now on MindsEye’s SoundCloud page – check it out!

Jason, Amelia, and Mike in the recording room

Jason Frazier, Amelia Christ, and Mike Curtis help bring local events and news about the blindness and disability community to listeners.