“There are so many great organizations out there waiting to help people who have lost their vision. I’m glad MindsEye makes a point of connecting listeners to them.” - Rita, retired accessibility instructor

“Saludos amables oyentes, les Saluda nuevamente Jenny Trim en una nueva edición de La Hora Latinoamericana!

Most of us recognize this as Spanish even if, for many of us, the meaning is lost. This relatively simple introduction has an important purpose though. For MindsEye listeners, this comes across the airwaves Fridays at 11 pm. This is the Latin American Hour.

From skinned knees to stomachaches, everyone has spent time with the school nurse. For Ruth Crafton of St. Louis, MO, the students she met in the schools taught her about the world.

Each day, MindsEye listeners tune in to a variety of material – everything from The Wall Street Journal to Better Homes and Gardens magazine –all read by a team of volunteers.

On Friday, February 6th, The 12th annual MindsEye Soirée Pour La Vue set new records for attendance and funds raised. The record setting 245 guests and valued sponsors helped raise over $95,000.

Take a trip “under the sea” when Variety Children’s Theatre presents "Disney’s The Little Mermaid" - partnering with MindsEye to bring audio description of the show to the blind and visually impaired. All attendees will meet Ariel, “the little mermaid,” as she struggles to realize her dream of joining the human world. To aid their theater experience, attendees who are blind and visually impaired can access audio description through a free headset provided by MindsEye through the Muny in St. Louis. The description will detail costumes, clarify sight gags, and more - all while complementing the dialogue of the performance.