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2014 MindsEye
Beepball Tournament

Sat. July 19
8:30 a.m.
Assumption Parish Ball Fields
4709 Mattis Rd, St. Louis MO


Each team plays at least two games guaranteed! $200 Registration Fee per team
Register by calling 618-394-6447 (cash, check or credit card)


How do you play Beepball (blindfolded softball)?

  • Everyone is blindfolded except for the pitcher and the catcher.

  • The pitcher is on the offensive team, so his goal is to pitch the ball exactly where the batter hits, every time.

  • When the batter hits the ball, either first base or third base will start buzzing and the batter must run to it.

  • Since the bases are about the size of tackling dummies and foam covered, many players barrel right towards them and sometimes even tackle them.

  • The fielders are blindfolded too, so we see a lot of people getting down on the ground, patting away trying to find that ball.

  • If the batter gets to the base before the fielders pick up the beeping ball, he gets a run, if not, he’s out.

What can I do? If you love softball or are just looking for something fun and active to do with friends, sign up to play by calling 618-394-6447. If you don’t have a team but want to come out and watch this unique sport being played, join us at Assumption Parish on July 19th. There will be plenty of ways for spectators to get involved such as 50/50, raffles and Bat for Bucks. Assumption will also have many concession favorites for purchase.

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Chances are you’ve never heard of MindsEye. In fact, you won’t find us on your
radio dial though we’re broadcasting right now. Yet, since 1973 for thousands of our area’s blind and
print disabled, MindsEye is the only radio station that matters.

Each day our vision-impaired neighbors gather around special preset radios to listen to volunteer roadcasters read the daily newspapers... TV listings... grocery store specials... movie reviews...
sports scores... magazine articles... books... etc. Those of us that are not vision impaired generally take our ability to read this type of information for granted. Yet those that are, often feel lonely and isolated as a result of being uninformed. MindsEye programming helps listeners by providing a vital social connection that keeps them from feeling as if they have been cut off from the outside world.


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