Our Mission

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Our Mission

Minds Eye Information Service provides reading from local and national publications through radio and internet broadcasts to enable individuals in the blind and print impaired community of Metro St. Louis stay connected and self-reliant.

Chances are you've never heard of Minds Eye. In fact, you won't find us on your radio dial though we're broadcasting right now. Yet, since 1973 for thousands of our area's blind and print disabled, Minds Eye Information Service is the only radio station that matters.

Each day our vision-impaired neighbors gather around special preset radios to listen to volunteer broadcasters read the daily newspapers... TV listings... grocery store specials... movie reviews... sports scores... magazine articles... books... etc. Those of us that are not vision impaired generally take our ability to read this type of information for granted. Yet those that are, often feel lonely and isolated as a result of being uninformed. Minds Eye Information Service programming helps listeners by providing a vital social connection that keeps them from feeling as if they have been cut off from the outside world.

"Without Minds Eye, I'd have to ask people to help all the time. I love to listen to the grocery store ads."
Camille Jean Dinwiddie



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