Minds Eye Information Service - Radio Reader - 2006 - 2007 Annual Report

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Marjorie Williams, Executive Director
From The

and a hugely successful fundraising campaign, Minds Eye ended the year in the black.

The road to success is paved with a few bumps along the way. Al Schon recently resigned as the Executive Director of the station. We are grateful for Al’s leadership and thank him for plotting our course for the last five years. With the continued efforts of our volunteers, advisory board members, and staff, we will continue to move ahead in our journey to serve those who are blind and print disabled.

As the new Executive Director, I am working with the Advisory Board to develop a business plan that will serve as our roadmap for the future. We will address ways to increase our listener base, promote greater agency visibility, and secure the funding to continue to build a strong organization. We are excited for this opportunity to continue to work towards being one of the best radio reading services in the world.

None of this would be possible without our hardworking volunteers, dedicated Advisory Board members, generous donors, and in my estimation, the best staff around. One group that deserves a phenomenal amount of credit for the great strides the station has made last year is our listeners. So many of them have offered their insights, and we have been working to implement their thoughts and suggestions. Thank you so much to all of you who have given of yourself to help support Minds Eye; you make us what we are.

Looking to the future with vision and hope,
Marjorie Williams

Revenues:  $498,063 -- Expenses $488,785


Marjorie Williams
Executive Director

Thanks to your support, it has been an exciting year at Minds Eye Information Service! Last year, the organization passed
several major mile markers on the information highway that will ensure that the blind and print disabled members of the Greater St. Louis area continue to have access to vital printed material they need to stay informed in our complex world.

Last year, 1,439 blind and print disabled people and the residents of 80 different nursing homes, hospitals, and retirement centers- another 10,000 people listened to magazines, newspapers, books and store ads using Minds Eye. Additionally, thousands of blind and disabled people who use other radio services all over the country had access to newly syndicated Minds Eye programs, Sports Scene and the two time award winning Consumer News. Over 210 special volunteers provided 10,500 hours of volunteer service to make all of this and
more happen.

Last year, Minds Eye revamped our entire
giving program. Thanks to your generosity,
this was a complete success! Two special groups were formed to help ensure the secure future of Minds Eye; the Airwaves Society, which recognizes the major givers to Minds Eye with three giving levels, and the Wittenbrink Legacy Society, named for Minds Eye founder, Fr. Boni Wittenbrink, O.M.I., which encourages our supporters to
remember the station in their wills. Additionally, we instituted an annual appeal
pledge drive and the Memorial Day Tribute
Fund. The new Minds Eye Beepball Tournament along with our other special events, Soiree Pour la Vue, the Walk for the Blind and Trivia Nights, brought new and old friends together and helped raise much needed funds to support the station! As you can see from the revenue and expense graphs below, we continue to work to be good stewards of your donations. Due to keeping a careful eye on expenses

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