A beer mug with the words no run beer run written on it. Foam pours off the top and the MindsEye logo is in the foam. June 2, 2018

2-2:37 PM, After Party until 5:00 PM

ITap- Central West End, 16 South Euclid, St. Louis, MO 


Annually, more than 800 marathons are organized worldwide from Berlin to Boston to London to Tokyo to SAINT LOUIS. Join MindsEye at ITAP (International Tap House) in the Central West End on Saturday, June 2nd for the No Run, Beer Run! 

Venture out to the beautiful neighborhood of the CWE to not run and not walk, but to simply buy some beers in support of the work MindsEye does in our community. 

Held from 2:00 PM - 2:37 PM, Runners will take part in the shortest Marathon of their LIVES.

You get an AWESOME T-SHIRT, a Celebratory Picture Moment at the FINISH LINE (with wild applause), and your first MindsEye Beer. 


Early Bird $25 --- Due by Friday, May 11th! 
Not so Early, but Still Worthy $30 --- Due by Monday, May 21st.
Day of Event $40. 

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Stay for the After Party until 5:00 PM! 

Marathons are more than a sport or a form of exercise, a passion or a pastime. It’s about identity. So come to ITAP and show us exactly who you are! A new beer will mark each hour to symbolize each Beer Mile of the No Run, Beer Run. Will you be able to make every mile? 2:00 PM? 3:00 PM? 4:00? It's about your identity after all. 

Here's how it works:

1) ITAP picks a brand of beer (usually something local - Boulevard, Schlafly, Civil Life etc) 

2) We invite all of you, your group, friends, family, & supporters to come drink the chosen beers

3) ITAP writes MindsEye a check for 50% of the sales of the chosen beers for the dedicated time frame (by our group or any other customers that are in the bar.)

The NO RUN, BEER RUN is a fun and fantastic way to have some fun and raise some funds with MindsEye. Make plans now to join us! and raise a glass (or two... or three) for our community.

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Sponsors know they're making a great thing happen and all Not Runners will proudly wear our sponsors' logos on the backs of their tee-shirts.  Sponsors also get two registrations to the No Run, Beer Run.

It's only $125 to sponsor the No Run, Beer Run and you're joining the likes of great companies like K9 Kamp Dog Training and Bollwerk & Tatlow, L.L.C.

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