“There are so many great organizations out there waiting to help people who have lost their vision. I’m glad MindsEye makes a point of connecting listeners to them.” - Rita, retired accessibility instructor

MindsEye Celebrates 45 Years of Service for the Visually-Impaired Community!


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On March 1, 1973, Fr. Boni brought WMRY’s “Talking Book” to the airwaves. This reading service for the blind took local and national print publications brought to life by volunteers and transmitted them to people's homes. Fr. Boni traveled far and wide to raise funds so that the service would be free and create accessibility to those who were visually-impaired and blind. The service founded by Fr. Boni is now known as MindsEye - and continues to flourish to this day.









“I don’t know anything about radio except how to turn one on and change the batteries

and I sure don’t know anything about blind people except they can’t see.

But if you think I can help,

I’ll do it.”

–Fr. Boni’s words upon being asked to start a radio station for the blind in Belleville, IL in 1972


MindsEye is committed to ensuring that those in our community who are visually-impaired have access to the news and entertainment they need. By providing readings from local and national publications through Radio and Internet Broadcasts and Audio Description to theatres, museums, parks, and more, MindsEye enables individuals in the blind and visually-impaired community of Metro St. Louis to stay connected and self-reliant. Our Audio Description services means that any patron that wants to experience a theatre production, a day at the zoo, or the Great Solar Eclipse can do so right alongside their friends and family! And BEEPBALL brings our whole community together to play ball!

MindsEye: Translating Vision into Audio for the Metro Saint Louis Area for 45 Years. 

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