“There are so many great organizations out there waiting to help people who have lost their vision. I’m glad MindsEye makes a point of connecting listeners to them.” - Rita, retired accessibility instructor

MindsEye is the proud beneficiary of KMOV Steve Templeton's 4 DEGREE GUARANTEE for the month of April!

Marjorie Moore, Sue Slocomb, and Steve Templeton stand together holding an oversized check made out to MindsEye for $1600 in the middle of a television studio.

KMOV Channel 4 Check Presentation to MindsEye

Steve did such an amazing job of accurately predicting the nonsensical weather of April. So well, in fact, that MindsEye was awarded $1600!!!


KMOV makes a difference in our community! We are so grateful to KMOV and their community partner, Cardinals Care. THANK YOU.

And a special thanks to MindsEye Board Member Sue Slocomb for nominating us and being an incredible advocate for the work MindsEye does in our community.