“There are so many great organizations out there waiting to help people who have lost their vision. I’m glad MindsEye makes a point of connecting listeners to them.” - Rita, retired accessibility instructor

2018 MindsEye Ultimate Beepall Tournament Schedule

Saturday July 14th at Assumption Parish  4725 Mattis Rd. St. Louis,MO


Pool A- Field 1

A1- Paraquad

A2- Bumble Beeps




8:15 AM- A1 vs A2:

9:00 AM- A3 vs. A4

9:45-Winner of A3/A4 vs. Loser of A1/A2

10:30 AM -Winner of A1/A2 vs Loser of A3/A4


Pool B-  Field 2

B1- AJ’s Gladiators

B2- Blind Luck

B3- Cowboy Beepbop

B4- Allsup


8:15 AM- B1 vs B2:

9 AM- B3 vs. B4

9:45 AM- Winner of B3/B4 vs. Loser of B1/B2

10:30 AM - Winner of B1/B2 vs Loser of B3/B4


Pool C- Field 3

C1- Keller Williams Young Professionals

C2-  STL Fitness Club

C3- Aetna

C4- Allergan


8:30 AM- C1 vs C2:

9:15 AM- C3 vs. C4

10:00 AM- Winner of C3/C4 vs. Loser of C1/C2

10:45 AM-  Winner of C1/C2 vs. Loser C3/C4


Pool D- Field 4

D1- Hannigan Team Realty

D2- Lighthouse for the Blind

D3- Derminators

D4- Tunnel Vision


8:30 AM- D1 vs D2:

9:15 AM- D3 vs. D4

10:00 AM- Winner of D3/D4 vs. Loser of D1/D2

10:45 AM- Winner of D1/D2 vs. Loser of D3/D4


Round 2-12:30 PM

Field 4- Winner of Pool A vs Runner up of Pool B


Field 3- Winner of Pool B vs Runner up of Pool A


Field 2- Winner of Pool C vs Runner up of Pool D


Field 1- Winner of Pool D vs Runner up of Pool C


Semi-final Round 1:30 PM

Field 1- Winner of Pool A & Runner up Pool B Game vs. Winner of Pool  B & Runner up A Game


Field 2- Winner of Pool C & Runner up D Game vs. Winner of Pool D & Runner up C Game


Field 2-Championship Game- 2:30 PM