Grab your friends or coworkers and compete in the Ultimate BeepBall Tournament on July 17th! The event raises awareness and funds for MindsEye’s BeepBall program, including educational demonstrations and MindsEye’s own nationally competitive BeepBall team, the Gateway Archers.

Described by athletes with a visual disability as “a dream come true,” BeepBall is an adaptive form of baseball that allows athletes of all visual abilities to play together.  All BeepBall players are blindfolded, except for the sighted pitcher and outfield spotters. They are guided by sound– the beeping ball, buzzing bases, and cues from the pitcher.

Covid precautions will be observed, and participation will be limited to 16 teams broken into morning (8am-12pm) and afternoon (1pm-5pm) tournaments.

Download the form fillable 2021 Ultimate BeepBall Tournament Sponsorship Packet below!

Please email or call Mike Curtis with questions about all aspects of the BeepBall Program.

Mike Curtis

Mike Curtis

Director of Special Initiativesmcurtis@mindseyeradio.org618-394-6450