The UBT afternoon pool consisted of teams that have played in multiple years’ worth of tournaments and have plenty of experience of being competitive. With all this experience, and after years of being runner-ups, one of these teams was finally going to win the tournament! This year’s teams were: Bumble Beeps, Cowboy BeepBop, Blind Luck (Ophthalmology Consultants), St. Louis Fitness Club, United Health Care, Lighting Associates LLC, Hannigan Team Realty, and Keller Williams Young Professionals.

Results from Round 1:

Bumble Beeps 0, Cowboy BeepBop 1

Blind Luck 2, St. Louis Fitness Club 1

United Health Care 0, Lighting Associates LLC 2

Hannigan Team Realty 1, KWYP 0

Results from Round 2

Cowboy BeepBop 1, Blind Luck 2

St. Louis Fitness Club 0, Bumble Beeps 2

Lighting Associates LLC 2, Hannigan Team Realty 2

KWYP 2, United Health Care 1

5th Place Game: Bumble Beeps Versus KWYP

The game was scoreless through the first 2 innings until Katie scored a run for KWYP in the 3rd. Jon scored another run in the 4th to add to KWYP’s lead. They played great defense and held the Bumble Beeps off the scoreboard. Final: Bumble Beeps 0, KWYP 2

3rd Place Game: Cowboy BeepBop Versus Hannigan Team Realty

Cowboy BeepBop came out of the game flying with 2 runs in the first inning by Jeantielle and Sheena and getting a put-out on Katie from Hannigan Team Realty. Danielle for Cowboy BeepBop would go on to score 2 more runs in the game, sealing the victory and 3rd place for Cowboy BeepBop. Final: Cowboy BeepBop 4, Hannigan Team Realty 0

Championship Game: Blind Luck Versus Lighting Associates LLC

Blind Luck has played for the past 5+ years in MindsEye Tournaments with a lot of the same roster, so they had plenty of experience and team chemistry. Lighting Associates LLC was a brand new sponsoring team this year, but their players were put together just a few days before the tournament. A part of that roster were players with plenty of experience, including Gateway Archers Casey Scott, Kim Blumenthal, Mari Blumenthal, Kasondra McDaniel, and MindsEye President and CEO Jason Frazier as a first-time pitcher.

Blind Luck got on the board with 2 runs in the second inning by Isaac and Jenna. Lighting Associates got one back with a run in the bottom of the second by Mari– which was impressive because she has a cast on her dominant hand! Andrew, Blind Luck team coach/organizer, would score a run in the top of the third to extend their lead to 3-1. Casey would add a run in the bottom of the third inning for Lighting Associates making it 3-2. Blind Luck held on to their lead getting some key put-outs on Lighting Associates in the final inning. Final: Blind Luck 3, Lighting Associates LLC 2

2021 Ultimate BeepBall Champions (afternoon bracket):

Blind Luck: Andrew, Cassidy, Monica, Kim, Collin, Isaac, Jenna, Mary, Chelsea, and Jason

2021 Ultimate BeepBall MVP (afternoon bracket):

Isaac, Blind Luck

Thank you so much to our sponsors, Lighthouse for the Blind – St. Louis, Ameren Illinois, Emerson Electric, Mascoutah Eye Care, Mascoutah Noon and Evening Lions, Fenton Lions, Lizzie Bobs, Josie the Cat, Sassmaster Mandy and Co., The Sports Angl with Mark Stangl podcast, and Lighting Associates LLC.

MindsEye is a Proud United Way Safety Net Member

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