Our community of volunteers and donors help people with a visual disability live full lives of independence. Supporters make news and information; arts and culture; and sports and recreation available to everyone, regardless of disability.

Our programs are unique. They provide services that no other organization in the St. Louis region offers.

News and Information

Individuals with a visual disability too often live in poverty and many are older adults. Institutions such as the Alliance for Aging Research, the National Institutes of Health, and the Perelman School of Medicine demonstrate the link between vision impairments, loss of independent living, and depression– especially in older adults.

Broadcast Information Program

Our Broadcast Information Program tackles these problems. In 2021, this program served over 1,200 individuals in 30 counties throughout Missouri and Illinois by providing free, 24/7 audio content of print materials.

Our formats are volunteer-read and free, easily available, and accessible to people with a visual disability.

“That’s the first thing I do every morning is turn on my [MindsEye] radio. There are a lot of times where I’m in conversation with people. . . and I’ve heard on MindsEye about a situation that they don’t know anything about.”

Eleanor Risman, Broadcast Information Program Listener

Arts and Culture

Supporters and volunteer audio describers send a clear message: the arts are for everyone.

Audio Description

In 2019, our Audio Description Program served children and adults in over 70 events at 18 venues with a combined seating of over 20,000.

“We love it. We want more of it. Many of us never bothered to go to the zoo before. Now we’re begging MindsEye, ‘Take us again, take us again.’ It’s so nice to be able to go to plays and movies and events.”

Chris Gray, Audio Description Patron

Accessibility Cooperative

In addition, the Arts and Culture Accessibility Cooperative works to unite and educate representatives from over 60 nonprofits to date, privileging the voices of those with a disability in events throughout the year.

Sports and Recreation

In 2019, our newest project, the BeepBall Program, made dreams come true for 450 people in five counties.

“When I got introduced to BeepBall, it was like a dream come true to play ball again.”

Anthony Easley, Gateway Archer

People with a visual disability struggle to engage in rewarding physical activity, especially group sports. With more evidence emerging about the importance of physical activity and the benefits of community sports, BeepBall fills a crucial void in the region.

Through special events and demonstrations at schools and institutions, MindsEye is working to spread this innovative sport.

Join Us

Learn how you might benefit from our programs today! Sign up to listen, attend an audio described event, or play BeepBall. If you’re excited about our impact, join our work through a gift or share your time!

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