MindsEye’s Broadcast Information Program translates the visual world of print into audio with a 24/7 broadcast stream. Volunteers read a variety of newspapers, books, ads, magazines, and other printed material that are not accessible to people with visual disabilities. Volunteers can record from home or at MindsEye’s broadcast studio located in Belleville, IL.

Schedule and Commitment

We have an ongoing need for volunteer readers. Ideally, we encourage volunteer readers to give at least four hours of time per month, but we are flexible enough to accommodate a variety of scheduling needs. For example, some volunteer readers record new show episodes each week, while others fill in as substitute readers when they are available.


After the interview process, volunteers will be asked to schedule a training session and their first recording session. All training for broadcast is 1-on-1 with volunteers and a member of the MindsEye Broadcast Team and typically lasts 30 to 60 minutes.

During training, prospective volunteers will be given a brief overview of MindsEye’s history and given a few examples of services provided to clients including different shows and how they might impact different clients from a variety of backgrounds. Volunteers are then given a short tour of the studio and shown some basic information on how the recording process works.

In addition to the above, at-home readers will work with a Broadcast Team Member to determine which file-sharing platform will work best for the volunteer to submit their recordings. They will then be asked to record a short reading from a book or magazine to use as a test to ensure that the volunteer can record and submit without issue.

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