Give your time to a good cause – creating a more accessible community for people with visual disabilities. Some volunteer opportunities will require basic training that our Staff will happily provide. Current volunteers can submit their volunteer hours on the Submit Volunteer Hours page.

Bring the arts to life! Volunteer to audio describe plays, performances, museum exhibits, sporting events, and more.

Make sure the news is available for everyone. Volunteer to read and record newspapers, magazines, and more.

Help to bring “blindfolded baseball” to the St. Louis region.

Party for a good cause! Assist with planning, promotion, and event operations.

Featured Volunteer – Bill Wilcox

“A voiceover instructor told me, ‘You’ll get time in front of a microphone and it’s good for the community.’  That sold me on volunteering for MindsEye.  Hearing the joy in listener’s voices when they can keep up with the world through what MindsEye does is immensely satisfying.  In addition, the one-on-one and small group audio description I’ve done is a ton of fun for listener and describer.  The contribution that MindsEye’s services brings the community cannot be underestimated.”

-Bill Wilcox