Described by athletes with a visual disability as “a dream come true,” MindsEye’s BeepBall Program adds a spin on baseball that allows people of all visual abilities to compete.

Players are guided by sound, not sight – the sound of the beeping ball, buzzing bases, and cues from the pitcher. In fact, all BeepBall athletes are blindfolded except for the sighted pitcher and outfield spotters. This makes the game a unique opportunity for people of all visual abilities to play together.

A Game for All Visual Abilities

Team sports, recreation, and fun competition promote health and community connections. Unfortunately, these events almost always presume that participants have typical visual abilities.

BeepBall, also known as “Beep Baseball,” allows people with a visual disability to enjoy the best that sports have to offer. We use BeepBall to provide opportunities for competition and education from things like regional tournaments to “field day for all” events with schools and businesses.

BeepBall athletes say that it is a dream come true because many who experienced disability as adults get to “play ball again.” Because BeepBall uses blindfolds, individuals with typical sight play ball side-by-side with athletes with a disability. This is a learning experience for all and a truly diverse community event.

Our BeepBall Program

MindsEye’s BeepBall Program holds events throughout the bi-state St. Louis region including annual BeepBall tournaments and educational demonstrations by request.

The Gateway Archers

MindsEye operates the nationally competitive team, The Gateway Archers, which competes to participate in the Beep Baseball World Series.

BeepBall events are designed for people of all visual abilities to provide fun and learning within a diverse recreational experience.

MindsEye: BeepBall Program 2020 with Audio Description
Mike Curtis

Mike Curtis

Director of Special Initiativesmcurtis@mindseyeradio.org618-394-6450

Please email or call Mike Curtis with questions about all aspects of the BeepBall Program.

Mike is SafeSport Certified and has Certificate of Completion for Concussion in Sports by the CDC and NFHS.