Blind soccer is an adaptation of soccer for athletes who are blind or low vision. Blind soccer is played in 60 countries and has become the fastest-growing Paralympic sport in the world. 

Blind soccer teams are made up of four outfield players and one goalkeeper.  Outfield players are visually impaired which means they are completely blind, have very low visual acuity, and/or no light perception, whilst the goalkeeper must be sighted or partially sighted.

To ensure fair competition, all outfield players must wear eyeshades. Teams can also have off-field guides to assist them. The ball makes a noise due to a sound system located inside that helps players orient themselves. Before attempting to tackle, players must shout the word ‘voy’ so that the person they are attempting to tackle is aware. This is designed to prevent injuries wherever possible. Players committing five fouls during one game are disqualified from the game. Spectators must remain silent while watching the game until a goal is scored.

Mike Curtis

Mike Curtis

Director of Special Initiativesmcurtis@mindseyeradio.org618-394-6450

Contact Mike Curtis with any questions about the Blind Soccer Program or the Adaptive Athletic Programs.

Mike is SafeSport Certified and has Certificate of Completion for Concussion in Sports by the CDC and NFHS.