On March 1st, 2023, MindsEye celebrated its 50th Anniversary at the Studio with clients, volunteers, supporters, funders, current and former staff, and community partners. It was the perfect time to present the following 2022 Volunteer of the Year Awards to these very deserving individuals!

MindsEye Broadcast 2022 Volunteer of the Year – Gail Eisenhart, for years of faithful service as a reader

MindsEye Audio Description 2022 Volunteer of the Year – Sarah Holt, for incredible dedication and volume of Audio Description events

MindsEye Adaptive Athletics 2022 Volunteer of the Year – Jon Walker, for generosity of time, talent, and spirit as Gateway Archers pitcher

MindsEye 2022 Rookie of the Year – Larry Spears, for impactful action as a first-year MindsEye Board Member

MindsEye 2022 Mission Moment – Brian DeNatale, for creating engaging videos that tell MindsEye’s story for communications and marketing purposes

MindsEye 2022 Mission Moment – Neville Crenshaw and Saint Louis Science Center, for a unique Audio Descibed and tactile tour opportunity with the “Faster Than Ever” exhibit

MindsEye 2022 MVP – Liam McCoy, for generous donation of time to Adaptive Athletics demonstrations

MindsEye Lifetime Achievement – Gordon Burnside, for an incredible volunteering tenure, enhanced by his professional journalistic experience

We’re profoundly grateful for the service of these volunteers! Leave a comment below with your congratulations!!

Gordon in the studio
Gordon inside the studio.


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    Jim DeNatale on April 21, 2023

    Way to go, Brian DeNatale! You use your talents not just to make a living but to serve those in need.

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