We are set to kick of our 2023 Ultimate BeepBall Tournament Saturday, September 9th at Scheve Park in Mascoutah Illinois. Here is everything you will need to know for participants, volunteers, and supporters who want to come to the event!


Scheve Park: Harnett St. & Harper Rd. Mascoutah, IL 62258

There is not a specific address for the Park, but if you type ”Scheve Park Mascoutah IL” into Apple Maps or Google Maps, it will get you there!

If coming by Ride Share, have them drop you off on Park Drive by the Pavilion.

What to do when you arrive:

There is plenty of parking behind the ball fields off of 10th street, by the Mascoutah AG Building. When you get to the park, check in at registration under the Pavilion splitting the 2 main fields off of Park Dr. There your team captain, or designated team member, can pick up your team shirts (if your team got any), blindfolds and will be shown where your field is.

Please arrive 30 minutes prior to your first game time. It really helps us stay on schedule for the day to start games on time.

Every participant at this years Ultimate BeepBall Tournament will have to sign our digital waiver. It can be done anytime before your first game here:



We will have cold water on hand in coolers throughout the day. Everyone is welcome to bring their own cooler and refreshments for the day. We will not have a food vendor this year or a concessions stand. You are free to bring your own food, or go to various establishments around Mascoutah when not playing games or volunteering at a field.

We will have at least 1 tent at each field positioned behind home plate. Though we will try, we cannot guarantee each bench will have their own tent, so feel free to bring your own, or we can all share tent space during the games.


A copy of this years rules can be found here:

New This Year:

Double Blindfolds:

To make the game as fair as we can since we are mixing sighted players with visually impaired players, unless you have a specific blindfold (MindFold or Goalfix), all players will wear a silk blindfold with plastic goggles over them to ensure proper blackout coverage. We don’t want any peaking by tilting your head up. If players are caught trying to get around the blindfolds, calls may be reversed.

Teams, Brackets, Volunteers and Fields:

Bracket A – Field 1 

Umpire: Rodney Scorekeeper/Base Flipper: Marge

Lighthouse for the Blind St Louis

Mascoutah Eye Care

SLU Softball Team 1

Blind Luck

Bracket B – Field 2 

Umpire: Shay/Danny/Mike ScoreKeeper/Base Flipper: Erin/Dawn

Wash U 

Keller Williams Chesterfield

Leu Civic

Hannigan Team Realty 2 (Jami)

Bracket C – Field 3

Umpire: Jonny ScoreKeeper/Baseflipper: Magan

Archive Market

Hannigan Team Realty 1 (Andy)

St. Louis Sirens



Games 9 AM

Blind Luck vs SLU Softball Team 1

Leu Civic vs Hannigan Team 2

Archive Market vs St Louis Sirens

Games 10 AM


Wash U vs Keller Williams Chesterfield

Hannigan Team Realty vs SLU Softball team 2

Games 11 AM

Blind Luck vs LHB

Leu Civic vs Keller Williams Chesterfield

Archive Market vs Hannigan Team Realty

Games Noon PM

SLU Softball Team 1 Vs MEC

Hannigan Team 2 vs Wash U

St Louis Sires VS SLU Softball team 2

Winner from each bracket will play semi finals. 

Two Wild Card teams will play a 2 inning game to determine who makes it to the semi-finals

Bracket Winner and Wild Card determined by overall record

Tie Breakers: Head To Head, Total Runs Scored, Total Runs Given Up, Shootout

1 PM – Wild Card Play in game Field 2 Umpires: Rodney, Score/Base: Magan/Natalie

1:30 – Home Run 50/50 contest Judges: Mike Curtis, volunteers

2 PM SemiFinals – Field 1 and Field 3 Umpires: Rodney, Jonny Score/Base: Marge, Magan

3 PM Championship Game – Field 3 Umpires: Rodney, Jonny ScoreKeeper: Natalie Base: Larry Spears

Set Up Crew 7:30am: Mike Curtis, Cole Pedtke, Jason Frazier, Rodney Cotton, Melissa Litteken, Rachel Bretz, Wendy Boulware

Registration 8-10am: Angela Banks, Dave Foster, Natalie Webb

On Field Volunteers/Runners: 


Mike Russell, Dawn Owens, Danny Vanderiet, Ashley Mott


Larry Spears, Mark Love, Vincent Love, Noah Falkoff

Tear Down 4pm: Mike Curtis, Cole Pedtke, Jason Frazier, Natalie Webb, Vincent Love, Mark Love, Larry Spears, Rodney Cotton

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