The Arts and Culture Accessibility Cooperative is now accepting nominations for the 2022 IDEA Awards!

The awards recognize institutions and individuals who made outstanding contributions to the inclusion, diversity, equity, and accessibility of the Greater St. Louis cultural landscape in 2022. An award will be given to one nominee for each of the following 5 categories:

A person who initiates and advocates for the ideals of inclusion, diversity, equity, and accessibility within a given community. This person may work or be associated with an organization, business, government entity, institution, or the public at large. 

The organization’s leadership team makes accessibility a priority by setting a mission-driven framework of inclusive practices. They build bridges with disability and marginalized communities and build accessibility and equity into all aspects of the organization.  

A new plan or action designed to improve or solve a problem while bringing inclusion, diversity, equity, and accessibility to the forefront and incorporating those attributes into the solution.  

A foundation, contributor, or sponsor who financially supports practices and programs that promote the full participation of all creatives pursuing their work including those with disabilities. They make accessibility a priority for funding by focusing on equity, not compliance.  

A place of employment that is welcoming to all. They are willing to not just “accommodate” or meet ADA requirements but to find the best solutions for their employees’ needs.

Nominations are accepted now through January 2, 2023!

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