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Tournament marks the first held west of Texas in over a decade

ST. LOUIS, MO/LAS VEGAS, NV –MindsEye, a leading organization in promoting inclusive sports, and the SoCal Beep Baseball Association (SCBBA) arethrilled to announce the upcoming Viva Las BeepBall Invitational Tournament. The tournament will be held on Friday, March 22 and Saturday, March 23 at Officer Alyn Beck Memorial Park, located at 9220 Brent Ln. Las Vegas, Nevada 89143. The FREE event will be the first BeepBall tournament in the west of Texas in over a decade.

“SCBBA is thrilled to be co-hosting this fantastic event alongside Mindseye, and we could not think of a better place than Las Vegas. Our goal is to expand participation in the west, and we feel that this tournament is a big step forward in bringing more awareness to beep baseball on the west coast,” said SCBBA President Darren Keepers.

BeepBall, also known as Beep Baseball, is a form of baseball designed for visually impaired individuals. It is played with a modified beeping ball and bases that emit sound to assist the players. While BeepBall is designed for individuals who are blind or partially sighted, people of all visual abilitiescan play since each athlete is blindfolded except for the sighted pitcher and outfield spotters.

Teams from across the country will be competing in the tournament, bringing together some of the best BeepBall players in the nation. The Gateway Archers, St. Louis’ first BeepBall team formed by MindsEye, will attend alongside the Austin Blackhawks, Indy Thunder, Philly Fire, San Gabriel Valley Panthers, and all-female team, the St. Louis Sirens.Spectators can expect to witness intense matches filled with strategic gameplay, exceptional athleticism, and inspiring displays of teamwork. 

MindsEye and SCBBA are dedicated to empowering visually impaired individuals and promoting their active participation in sports. With the Viva Las BeepBall Invitational Tournament, they aim to raise awareness about the possibilities and achievements of visually impaired athletes, promoting inclusivity and breaking down barriers in the world of sports.

“This tournament is one way to grow the game of BeepBall and show Las Vegas what adaptive athletics can do for the visually impaired community,” said MindsEye’s Executive Director Jason Frazier. “For example, individuals who are blind or partially sighted have an increased risk of falls, fractures, injuries, social isolation, and more. Adaptive sports provide athletes with the opportunity to exercise regularly, improve balance, build strength, and improve mental health. They also teach the athletes social skills, leadership, discipline, teamwork, problem-solving, and time management, all of which help them contribute to society.”

The tournament will not only feature exciting games but will also provide an opportunity for attendees to learn more about BeepBall and experience the game itself. On Saturday March 23 from 5:30-6:30 p.m., attendees can try playing BeepBall, experience the challenges faced by visually impaired athletes, understand the strategies employed, and gain a deeper appreciation for the sport.

“Alyn Beck Park is one of our newer parks in Ward 6, and it offers wonderful amenities for the community,” said City of Las Vegas Ward 6 Councilwoman Nancy Brune. “I am excited to welcome MindsEye and SCBBA to the park for the BeepBall tournament, which aligns with my goal of expanding recreational opportunities for everyone.”

All interested individuals, sports enthusiasts, and supporters of inclusivity in sports are invited to attend the Viva Las BeepBall Invitational Tournament. We encourage you to come and witness the incredible talent and passion of these athletes as they demonstrate their skill in this unique and dynamic form of baseball. Due to the location, attendees are urged to bring lawn chairs and hydrating beverages.

For more information and updates about the tournament, Gateway Archers, and MindsEye Adaptive Athletics please visit learn more about the SoCal Beep Baseball Association, visit

For a comprehensive understanding of BeepBall, visit

Join the conversation and share your excitement using the hashtags #VivaLasBeepBall. Let’s come together to support inclusive sports and celebrate the achievements of visually impaired athletes!


Friday March 22nd 6:30pm

Field 1: Austin Blackhawks Vs SGV Panthers

Field 2: Philly Fire Vs St. Louis Sirens

Saturday March 23rd 8:30am

Field 1: Gateway Archers Vs SGV Panthers

Field 2: Philly Fire Vs Indy Thunder


Field 1: Gateway Archers Vs Austin Blackhawks

Field 2: Indy Thunder Vs St. Louis Sirens


Field 1: 1st Place Game

Field 2: 3rd Place Game


Field 1: 5th Place Game


About MindsEye
The nonprofit MindsEye strives to build a more inclusive community by translating vision into audio for individuals who are blind or have low vision. The Broadcast Information Program provides listeners access to long-form journalism and local news. The Audio Description Program enables every person who attends a theatre production or museum exhibit the chance to enjoy a rewarding experience. The Adaptive Athletics Program raises awareness and provides educational and competitive opportunities for athletes who are blind or partially sighted. For more information, visit

About the Gateway Archers

MindsEye founded the Gateway Archers in 2020. The team of 12 is comprised chiefly of home-grown players from across St. Louis and the Metro East. They are a nationally competitive team participating in the Beep Baseball World Series hosted by the National Beep Baseball Association. This year’s World Series will be held in St. Charles, Missouri July 21 through July 28.

About SoCal Beep Baseball Association
SoCal Beep Baseball Association (SCBBA) is dedicated to providing individuals who are visually impaired with the opportunity to play America’s favorite pastime, baseball. Our goal is to promote fitness, teamwork, and most importantly, fun, through our programs and events. Founded in 2018 by Darren Keepers, SCBBA has grown to become a leading organization in the west coast beep baseball community. Our members come from all over Southern California to compete and we are proud to have a strong and supportive community of players, coaches, and volunteers.

Media Contact: Jason Frazier – Executive Director,

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