ST. LOUIS, MO. – The Gateway Archers are excited to announce four new additions to the BeepBall team’s roster – Ricky Castaneda, Justin Holland, Nick Mulherin, and David Smith. 

Beep Baseball, also known as BeepBall, was invented in the 1960s for people with impaired vision. Players are guided by sound, not sight – the sound of the beeping ball, buzzing bases, and cues from the pitcher. All BeepBall athletes are blindfolded except for the sighted pitcher and outfield spotters providing the unique opportunity for people of all visual abilities to play together.

Local nonprofit MindsEye founded the Gateway Archers in 2020. The team is comprised chiefly of home-grown players from across St. Louis and the Metro East. The team competes nationally in tournaments and the Beep Baseball World Series hosted by the National Beep Baseball Association. 

The new players join an already established group of All-Stars with Kyle Borah, Marc Morris, and Ethan Johnston, as well as veterans Richie Krussel, Demetris Morrow, Chad Dillon, Liam McCoy and others.

“I’m excited for the experience and athleticism they all bring. I just want to get out on the BeepBall field and get that bullseye,” said Borah.

The additions are the next step in raising awareness of MindsEye and MindsEye Adaptive Athletics to a national scale and make the Archers a team to watch in 2024. 

“Our BeepBall program, and Adaptive Athletics as a whole, have exceeded and surpassed our initial goals when we set on this journey four years ago. These new players share our passion and drive to make our organization what we know it can be on a national landscape,” said MindsEye Director of Special Initiatives, Mike Curtis.

The organization and team are excited to co-host the 2024 and 2025 National Beep Baseball Association World Series in St. Charles, MO. To learn more, visit


David Smith – Two-time offensive MVP who just set the record for most homeruns in the 2023 BeepBall World Series

“Number one, I fell in love with the Archer’s family-oriented culture. Not only did they have a great culture, but they also had the same passion and desire to win a championship as I do.” – Archer, David Smith

Ricky Castenada – BeepBall All-Star and U.S. Paralympian in Blind Soccer

“What attracted me to the Archers was their hunters spirit, which reminds me of my own.” – Archer, Ricky Castaneda

Justin Holland – Two-time World Series champion and the only player to hit two homeruns in the World Series Championship Game

“The vision and overall what the organization is trying to accomplish when it comes to adaptive sports, is why I chose to come here.” – Archer, Justin Holland

Nick Mulherin – Two-time World Series player and ranked third in the world

“What attracted me was the endless opportunities that the Archers program offers to its players. In addition, building another championship caliber team is a challenge I accept with open arms.” – Archer, Nick Mulherin

To learn more about MindsEye, BeepBall or Adaptive Athletics, visit

About MindsEye
The nonprofit MindsEye strives to build a more inclusive community by translating vision into audio for individuals who are blind or have low vision. The Broadcast Information Program provides listeners access to long-form journalism and local news. The Audio Description Program enables every person who attends a theatre production or museum exhibit the chance to enjoy a rewarding experience. The Adaptive Athletics Program raises awareness and provides educational and competitive opportunities for athletes who are blind or partially sighted. For more information, visit 


Media Contact: Jason Frazier – Executive Director, | 618-394-6449

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