Give STL Day is coming up on Thursday, May 5th. Members of the MindsEye family have a great opportunity to not only donate but help us raise money and spread the word about our amazing programs!

Create your own Fundraiser for MindsEye, set a fundraising goal, and then encourage your network of family, friends, and colleagues to support your favorite organization by sharing your Fundraiser’s URL via email, social media, and more! Wednesday, May 4 is the last day you can submit a Fundraiser, but we suggest doing it now and promoting it in advance!

STEP 1: GO TO and click the “FUNDRAISE” button.

STEP 2: PERSONALIZE YOUR FUNDRAISING PAGE Use the editing tool on the left side to adjust your Fundraiser Title, Goal, and Logo. Tell your own unique Fundraiser story, or use the sample images and text below.

STEP 3: SUBMIT & CREATE YOUR FUNDRAISER LOGIN Once you hit “Save and Publish”, you’ll be navigated to the Neon Raise Login screen where you can login or create your profile. Don’t have a Fundraiser profile? Click “Sign Up” and create your account. Once your account is set, your Fundraiser is automatically published.

STEP 4: PERSONALIZE YOUR URL, SET YOUR GOAL, AND ADD AN IMAGE. Make your profile FUN while collecting profile badges.

STEP 5: SHARE YOUR FUNDRAISER TO HELP YOUR CAUSE! Fundraisers are only successful when they’re shared! Copy your Fundraiser’s unique URL to share with family, friends, and other contacts in email and posts to social media.

SAMPLE MESSAGE TEXT: “For this year’s GIVE STL Day, I’m supporting MindEye, because I believe in their mission to create a more inclusive community by translating vision into audio. I’m asking YOU to join me in giving to MindsEye because they help ensure that everyone in our region, regardless of visual capabilities, has equal access to essential news, information, rewarding recreation, and artistic and cultural experiences. Please be a part of the movement and donate to my Fundraiser. You can find my Fundraiser at [insert your Fundraiser’s unique URL]. Every gift can help MindsEye win additional prizes, too!”


Kyle listens to Cardinals AD at the game. Text: Translating Vision Into Audio. May 5 2022. Give STL Day logo, MindsEye logo

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