🎰Vegas Baby!🎰

The stage is set for the Viva Las BeepBall Invitational Tournament is Las Vegas, NV March 22-23, 2024

This event is hosted by MindsEye and SoCal Beep Baseball Association

Competing teams are the Austin Blackhawks, Gateway Archers, Indy Thunder, Philly Fire, SGV Panthers, and St. Louis Sirens.

Games will take place Friday evening March 22nd and Saturday March 23rd at Officer Alyn Beck Memorial Park located at 9220 Brent Ln. Las Vegas, Nevada 89143


Friday March 22nd 6:30pm

Field 1: Austin Blackhawks Vs SGV Panthers

Field 2: Philly Fire Vs St. Louis Sirens

Saturday March 23rd 8:30am

Field 1: Gateway Archers Vs SGV Panthers

Field 2: Philly Fire Vs Indy Thunder


Field 1: Gateway Archers Vs Austin Blackhawks

Field 2: Indy Thunder Vs St. Louis Sirens


Field 1: 1st Place Game

Field 2: 3rd Place Game


Field 1: 5th Place Game

[image: a black flyer with neon Las Vegas decorations. A casino, neon cowboy, and neon showgirl. The Viva Las BeepBall Invitational logo at the top. The event and team details appear in colored neon font.

Logo Description: The Logo is a spin on the traditional “Welcome to Las Vegas” sign. A red horizontal diamond shape with yellow dots mimic a classic neon sign. The top of the diamond has yellow circles which each house a white letter that spells “VIVA LAS”. The middle text in bold red “BeepBall Invitational”. The “all” in Ball and the “in” in invitational are just red outlined which makes them stand out. The bottom text “Vegas” in a blue script font. Crowning the logo in the top left is a red 8 pointed star outlined in yellow.]

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