Cory has been volunteering with MindsEye for about 9 years. He audio describes all the Blues games, as well as helping out with the Gateway Archers. In fact, Cory was the MindsEye 2020 BeepBall Volunteer of the year!

In early February of this year Cory got to attend a Blues game and describe it for his fellow Archers Kim, Liam, Richie, and Casey.

MindsEye President and CEO Jason Frazier got a chance to interview Cory by e-mail this week:

Jason: When and how did you start volunteering with MindsEye? 

Cory: You first told me about MindsEye in probably 2012-13 time frame. At that time all you had me doing was volunteering for the annual Beepball tournament. I instantly fell in love with helping and volunteering with Mindseye. Now I audio describe Blues games and help out with the Gateway Archers.  Through the contacts I’ve made with MindsEye I’ve gotten the opportunity to help with the St. Louis Blues Blind Hockey Club next season.

Jason: What do you like to read in your spare time?

Cory: I recently read “The Highway” by C.J. Box, which is the first book in a series made into the TV show “Big Sky” on ABC. It’s a thriller/mystery. I highly recommend it!

Jason: Do you have a favorite MindsEye moment or memory?

Cory: Oh man, where do I start? There have been so many! But one sticks out more than the others, and that’s when Mindseye was first able to audio describe St. Louis Blues Hockey games and I believe I did the first one. We audio described the game for a bunch of younger fans and to see the look on their faces while I was describing the game was priceless. I also got to meet Louie and have my picture taken with him.

Jason: Favorite Style Pizza?

Cory: I don’t discriminate when it comes to pizza, but I do have a fondness for a good slice of New York style cheese and pepperoni.

Jason: Where did you go to high school?

Cory: I went to high school at Cahokia High School… Go Comanches!

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