Summers are fun at the MindsEye Studio, as we welcome student volunteers earning service hours. Sometimes we get a whole family of volunteers like this month’s spotlighters! Janet is a long-time volunteer who introduced her granddaughter Ella and great-niece Gini to MindsEye this summer. Development and Communications Coordinator Laura Foughty got to sit down with Janet at the end of the summer and learn more about this family and their connection to MindsEye.

Laura: When and how did you begin volunteering for MindsEye?

Janet: I’ve been reading for 12 or 13 years. Because I used to volunteer at the Shrine a lot, I was very familiar with MindsEye. The girls started volunteering this summer to earn hours for National Honors Society.

Laura: What show do you read?

Janet: I read the Wall Street Journal on Fridays. Gini has been reading pet hour and Consumer Reports. Ella has been filling in for various programs, including USA Today, drug store ads, and History magazine. Ella said she gets all her news online, and this was the first time she’s ever read from a physical newspaper, which I find very depressing! They’ve learned so much from volunteering at MindsEye.

Laura: What do you all read in your spare time?

Janet: I belong to a couple of book clubs, so I’m always reading! Gini is a big fan of “beach reads,” always in e-book format. Ella reads for her accelerated English class, which is a lot!

Laura: What are your hobbies?

Janet: I volunteer for CASA (Court Appointed Special Advocates for foster children), and I do a lot of driving the grandkids around, especially Theo, who’s playing golf! I also sing in the Metro East Community Chorale.

Laura: What are your favorite pizza toppings?

Janet: I love the crab rangoon pizza at Benny’s in downtown Belleville. Ella likes spinach and cheese, and Gini likes vegges. (***Important note: Laura had never been to Benny’s, and on Janet’s advice, she tried the crab rangoon pizza and loved it.***)

Laura: Can you tell us any more fun facts about Ella and Gini?

Janet: Ella is a senior at Belleville East and works at Eckert’s. Gini is a senior at Belleville West, works at Eckert’s, and lifeguards at the Y. They’re both in marching band– Ella does flags, and Gini plays the clarinet!

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Post author: Laura Foughty, MindsEye Development and Communications Coordinator

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