Our region is full of incredible public works of art, but they remain inaccessible to community members who are blind or partially sighted. MindsEye wants to change that, and we are calling on YOU to help!

Become a community collaborator today by submitting a photo of public art in the area.

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About The Project

This innovative initiative aims to transform access to public artwork through community collaboration and audio descriptive services. Embracing a “nothing about us without us” approach, individuals who are blind or partially sighted will not only experience local artwork through the final audio description recordings but will also be key collaborators in the production process.

The public Artwork Accessibility Project is funded in part by the Arts and Education Council through the Arts and Healing Initiative.

How It Works

  1. Community members photograph public works of art and submit them to MindsEye.
  2. Our team of describers write descriptions for each photo, which are then adapted for our blind or partially sighted narrators.
  3. Using the adapted scripts our collaborators who are blind or partially sighted record the audio description.
  4. The recordings and photos are finally compiled for publishing in various digital formats that anyone can access and enjoy at no cost.

Other Ways You Can Help

1. Spread the word: Tell your friends, family, coworkers, or anyone else in your network and encourage them to participate! We’ve created a toolkit to help you show your support and get the message out.

Click here to access the toolkit.

2. Be social: Follow us on social media so you can keep up to date with this initiative as well as share the final project once it’s published.

Frequently Asked Questions

Here are a few examples of what will and won’t be accepted for the project:

✅Acceptable: “The Apotheosis of St. Louis” (the enormous statue of King Louis IX outside the Art Museum.)
⛔Not Acceptable: Paintings inside the Art Museum

✅Acceptable: “Looking Up” (the giant steel figure outside the Planetarium).
⛔Not Acceptable: Photos of the moon inside the Science Center

✅Acceptable: Sculptures outside your local Metrolink station
✅Acceptable: The mural on the side of your favorite coffee shop.

🆗Adjacent but still Acceptable: The gazebo at a local park decorated with knitted flowers.
🆗Adjacent but still Acceptable: A graffiti wall 

Absolutely! However, we would love for as many collaborators as possible to contribute. If you have already submitted a piece and know of other pieces that will be great additions to this project, share the love – tell your friends and family so they can go snap a photo to submit.