Get ready to step up to the plate and make a difference! MindsEye is thrilled to invite you to become a sponsor for the upcoming National Beep Baseball Association (NBBA) World Series. This extraordinary event — set to take place in St. Charles, Missouri, in July 2024 — is a unique opportunity to celebrate sportsmanship, inclusivity, and community spirit.

Why Sponsor the NBBA World Series?

By sponsoring this event, you are not just supporting a game – you’re championing inclusivity, accessibility, and community engagement. The NBBA World Series is an event unlike any other, where individuals who are blind or partially sighted can participate in an exciting, fast-paced sport known as Beep Baseball.

“With MindsEye, the NBBA will be working with an organization that has been tapped into the local blindness community 24/7, 365 days a year for the past 50 years. These connections bring unprecedented opportunities for generating participation, spectators, volunteers, and community support and excitement.” – MindsEye President and CEO Jason Frazier.

What Your Sponsorship Means

Your sponsorship will have a direct impact on the success of the NBBA World Series. Here’s how:

  • Supporting Inclusivity: Your contribution will help us create an event where everyone, regardless of their vision, can participate and enjoy the thrill of baseball.
  • Boosting Accessibility: Funds raised will support the integration of MindsEye’s Audio Description and Broadcast Information Programs into the event, providing participants with accessible cultural experiences and real-time updates.
  • Engaging the Community: Your sponsorship will help us attract spectators, volunteers, and community support, fostering a sense of unity and excitement in the local area.

How to Become a Sponsor

Ready to join us in making the NBBA World Series a grand slam success? Complete the form below to become a sponsor today. Your support will help us hit it out of the park for inclusivity and accessibility!

If you would like a sponsorship packet to take to your company’s leadership or board of directors, you can download a PDF here.

Event Details and Sponsorship Levels

Mark your calendars for the 2024 World Series Dates: July 21-28, 2024. The games will take place at the St. Louis Youth Soccer Association (SLYSA) fields in St. Charles, Missouri.

Transportation Sponsor $5,000

Help support bus transportation for players during the tournament. The bus service gives teams reliable rides to and from the hotel and fields so they can focus on the game and not on finding a lift! Your support at this level includes signage on the bus, as well as your company logo in the tournament program, newsletters, social media posts, and other digital and print marketing.

Field Sponsor $2,500

Show your support of adaptive sports by sponsoring one of ten tournament fields. Beep baseball is played on soccer fields, and the SLYSA Complex has some of the best! Your support at this level includes signage at the field, as well as your company logo in the tournament program, newsletters, social media posts, and other digital and print marketing.

KOOL or WOOL Sponsor $1,000

Kids of Our League (KOOL) and Women of Our League (WOOL) are special initiatives of the NBBA. KOOL is committed to developing athletic and interpersonal skills through physical training, competition, mentorship and empowerment. WOOL empowers the blind and visually impaired female population to compete on the ball field in the adaptive version of America’s Favorite Pastime. Your support at this level includes signage at KOOL/WOOL events, as well as your company logo in the tournament program, newsletters, social media posts, and other digital and print marketing.

BeepBall Sponsor $500

BeepBalls are the heart of this sport and are specially manufactured with electronic components. With a well-placed swing, these components can get damaged during play. The tournament requires nearly 250 balls to last the week of competition! Your support at this level includes recognition in the tournament program, newsletters, social media posts, and other digital and print marketing.

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