In San Antonio, Texas the best BeepBall players in the country came together to showcase the sport and their abilities. Hosted by Texas Adaptive Play Initiative(TAPI), MindsEye, and BeepBall Nation, the event was the first of its kind and by all accounts a huge success!

Players were selected by a committee put together by BeepBall Nation where the best 20 players, 5 alternates, 2 rookies, 3 females, 2 pitchers, and 2 coaches were selected. 21 of the players were able to make the trip and play the events. Teams were selected by San Antonio Jet Captains, David Smith for Team Red and Zach Arambula for Team Blue.

Team Red Roster:

Head Coach – Mike Curtis (Gateway Archers)

Spotters: Cam Hogwood (BSO Philly Fire), Christina Smerz (Chicago Comets), Mariah Woodard (Indy Thunder)

Players: David Smith (San Antonio Jets), Ricky Castaneda (San Antonio Jets), Axel Cox (San Antonio Jets), Mike Finn (Austin Blackhawks), Stanley Griffen (Tyler Tigers), Dakota Hogwood (BSO Philly Fire), Casey Krouse (BSO Philly Fire), Richie Krussel (Gateway Archers), Hillary House-Oswald (BCS Outlaws), Tyler Rodriguez (BSO Philly Fire), Rich Schultz (Chicago Comets)

Pitcher: Jared Woodard (Indy Thunder)

Catcher: Darnell Booker (Indy Thunder)

Team Red All Stars
2022 Team Red All-Stars

Team Blue Roster:

Head Coach – Jonathan Flemming (Austin Blackhawks)

Spotters – Molly Flemming (Austin Blackhawks), Rose Garcia (San Antonio Jets)

Players: Zach Arambula (San Antonio Jets), Kyle Borah (Gateway Archers), Daniel Brock (Austin Blackhawks), Mike Coughlin (Bayou City Heat), Gerald Dycus (Indy Thunder), Justin Holland (Indy Edge), Kalari Girtley-Jackson (Chicago Comets), Ron Jordan (Tyler Tigers), John Marjist (BSO Philly Fire), Darius Sterling (Austin Blackhawks)

Pitcher – Jeremy Lopez (San Antonio Jets)

Catcher – David Casarez (San Antonio Jets)

Team Blue All Stars
2022 Team Blue All-Stars

Head Umpire: Jason Price

Scorekeeper/Stats: Katie Mathenia

Game 1 Key Moment of the Game: With the stage set and players ready to go, the key Moment of game one came in early. The bottom of the first inning with Team Blue at bat, rookie pitcher Jermey Lopez came out slinging the ball. Down 2-0 with their first at bat of the tournament, Team Blue was able to put up 9 runs giving them a 9-2 lead over Team Red heading into the top of the second.

Team Red looking to dig out of a deep hole, made a run led by pitcher Jared Woodard. Red was able to come out swinging and picked up 12 runs in the top of the second to reclaim the lead 14-9. Team Red never looked back and won the game 22-18.

Team Red Player of the Game: David Smith – 6 for 7 with 1 putout

Team Blue Player of the Game: Mike Coughlin – 4 for 5 with 4 putouts

Game 2 Key Moment of the Game: Down 23-17 heading into the bottom of the 6th, Team Red was down to their final at bat. Jared Woodard did Jared Woodard things and pitched perfectly getting 5 straight runs from David Smith, Tyler Rodriguez, Richie Krussel, Ricky Castaneda, and Axel Cox, bringing the score to 23-22.

Hillary House-Oswald was up and she smoked a ball down the first base side past the front to defender to score and tie the game 23-23.

David Smith, Co-Offensive MVP of the 2022 NBBA World Series, was up to see if he could walk it off for Team Red. First pitch was fouled off. Second pitch was fouled off. Third pitch was a high, 140ft hit ball to deep right and David Smith walks to the bag for the winning run. Team Red wins in dramatic fashion, 24-23.

Team Red Player of the Game: Casey Krouse – 2 for 4 with 4 putouts

Team Blue Player of the Game: Zach Arambula – 6 for 7

Game 3 switched up the event and players to do something new. Teams were split into Team Texas (players only from Texas teams) and Team USA (players from the rest of the country)

Game 3 Key Moment of the Game: With the game tied heading into the top of the 5th, the game was tied 21-21, Team USA went on a TERROR. Led by Jared Woodard’s pitching, Team USA was able to put up 12 runs in the 5th. Team Texas was able to get 8 runs back bringing their deficit to 4. But after some back and forth, USA kept the pressure and got the victory 38-33.

Team Red Player of the Game: Jared Woodard – 98.2% contact rate

Team Blue Player of the Game: Jeremy Lopez – 96.1% contact rate

A phenomenal event was put on by TAPI and MindsEye with the best players in BeepBall and they didn’t disappoint. Thank you to all the volunteers, players, and staff for making the event possible!

Go to the TAPI YouTube page to re-watch/listen to all the games!

2022 All Star Weekend Games

Download the full stats spreadsheet in the link below

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