Demetrius Morrow

“I’m super excited. As a kid and an avid sports fan, you always dream of playing for the hometown sports teams when you’re outside playing whatever sport you are at the time. To have the chance to play for my hometown Gateway Archers beepball team is like a dream come true.”-Demetris Morrow

“Demetrius brings a wealth of experience and power to our roster. We’re super excited to have him and can’t wait for this upcoming season.”-Mike Curtis, Head Coach

Leul McChesney

Leul, a St. Louis local, was a late addition to the Archers roster and played in the 2021 World Series. He went 2 for 6 in his at-bats. He will compete with the Archers in 2022.

“He’s a high energy guy! We’re excited to see what he can bring to the roster. He stepped up big last year in our World Series game against the USA Legends scoring 2 runs. Hopefully, he can do that for us in games this coming year.” -Jason Frazier, Archers GM

Sean Borah

Sean is the younger brother of reigning Defensive Rookie of the year Kyle Borah.

“I’m ready to play some ball. Let’s get down to business.” -Sean Borah

“Sean brings a different skill set than his brother. He’s a lefty, which is always nice to have and he’ll bring some power to our lineup. I’m excited to coach him up and see what he can do for us this year.” – Mike Curtis, Head Coach

Ethan Johnston (Esubalew)

Esubalew was born in Motta, Ethiopia, but came to the US at an early age. He spent 11 years growing up in Columbia, MO before moving to Colorado. However, he still calls Missouri home.

“I’m just excited to join my home state team and also have opportunities for my friends and family to come to see me play ball.” – Esubalew

“Ethan is a tremendous athlete that’s going to help push our team and be competitive with the top teams in the league. I’m very excited he’s decided to join us and play for his home state!” -Mike Curtis, Head Coach

Henry Allen

Henry has been playing in MindsEye’s BeepBall tournaments for many years for the Lighthouse Beepers, where he is an employee at Lighthouse for the Blind – St. Louis. Though he has not played professionally, he does have plenty of experience he can bring to the Archers.

“Henry is just a great all-around player. We are very excited he is joining us this year and he also is just a tremendous person. He is going to bring a lot of character to our team.” -Mike Curtis, Head Coach

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