This fall/winter in San Antonio, the Texas Adaptive Play Initiative (TAPI), in partnership with MindsEye and BeepBall Nation, is hosting the first ever All-Star game from the Top 20 Beep Baseball players in the nation as well as 5 alternates, 3 female players, and 2 rookies.

Through a diverse selection panel made up of individuals who have played or studied the game extensively, the top players were selected. The Gateway Archers had 3 players chosen as part of this group: Kyle Borah, Ethan Johnston, and Rich Krussel. Since the end of the 2022 World Series, the Archers have also signed selected All-Star Marc Morris, from this year’s World Champion team, Indy Edge.

Kyle Borah


Kyle had quite an impressive showing at this year’s World Series. He had a scoring average of .714 which ranked 8th among all players and had a put-out average of 3.143 per game ranking him 10th in that category. He is one of only two players to be ranked in the top 10 in both categories, the other is perennial MVP Erik Rodriguez.

Ethan Johnston


It was Ethan’s first year with the Archers, and his talent and skills did not disappoint. He had a scoring average of .647 ranking him 10th overall and had a put-out average of 2.571 per game ranking him 18th this year at this year’s World Series.

Rich Krussel


Rich had a fantastic year for the Archers. He was named Defensive MVP of the Indy Bonanza tournament this past June. He also showed out at the World Series this year with a .531 scoring average ranking him 33rd overall, and 3.167 put-outs per game ranking him tied for 8th overall.

Marc Morris


Marc had a great year playing for the Indy Edge. He brings that talent, leadership, and a winning culture to the Archers. He had a scoring average of .571 and 4 put-outs during the 2022 World Series on a loaded World Champion Indy Edge team.

Here is the finalized list of players attending:

Erik Rodriguez, Indy Edge

Zach Arambula, San Antonio Jets

Corion White, Indy Edge

Nick Mulherin, Indy Edge

David Smith, San Antonio Jets

Corey White, Indy Edge

Justin Holland, Indy Edge

Joe McCormick, Boston Renegades

Axel Cox, San Antonio Jets

Mike Coughlin, Bayou City Heat

Ricky Castaneda, San Antonio Jets

Kyle Borah, Gateway Archers

Mike Finn, Austin Blackhawks

Marc Morris, Gateway Archers

Evan Van Duyne, Minnesota Millers

Tyler Rodriguez, BSO Philly Fire

Ethan Johnston, Gateway Archers

John Marjist, BSO Philly Fire

Dariuhs Sterling, Austin Blackhawks

Rich Krussel, Gateway Archers

Rookie Representatives:

Casey Krouse, BSO Philly Fire

Daniel Brock, Austin Blackhawks

Female Representatives:

Hillary House-Oswald, BCS Outlaws

Dakota Hogwood, BSO Philly Fire

Kalari Girtley-Jackson, Chicago Comets

Invitee Alternates:

Gerald Dycus, Indy Thunder

Rich Schultz, Chicago Comets

Ron Jordan, Tyler Tigers

Bill Landram, Chicago Comets

Stanley Griffin, Tyler Tigers

Feel free to drop a comment of congratulations and best wishes for our “All Star” Gateway Archers!

Post author: Mike Curtis, MindsEye Director of Special Initiatives and Gateway Archers Head Coach


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    Dave Taylor on August 17, 2022

    Good luck and have fun in the allstar game

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