Hey MindsEye listeners, Paul here, and I’ve been crazy excited to share with you this new piece of technology. Today we’re going to be talking about a game-changer in assistive technology: Envision smart glasses. Designed for people who are blind or partially sighted, these glasses are more than just another gadget; they’re a doorway to a more independent and accessible life.

I’m interested, but what are they?

Envision smart glasses are exactly what they sound like, but what’s got me so jazzed about them is the scope of what they can do. At its core, these glasses are a sleek and well-designed piece of wearable technology that uses AI to assist those with visual impairments by capturing visual data and converting it into audio descriptions, kind of like translating vision into audio *wink-nod*.

Alright, but what’s so cool about them?

Aside from being able to simply read information directly off a page from a book, the Envision smart glasses can also recognize faces, identify objects in front of you, as well as help you navigate your surroundings by providing immediate information on the space around you. 

Imagine being able to identify a friend that you happen to run into while you’re out and about or pick up that new cookbook you’ve been wanting for ages, the possibilities are endless. 

Sounds good, but let’s talk numbers.

I don’t blame you if, after hearing about all the features that are packed into these things, you might be a little nervous about the price tag, and you’re not wrong, these puppies are pretty pricey. The basic edition is called the Read Edition and is currently priced at $1,899. The Read Edition is designed specifically for translating the words off a page into audio.

The next step up from those are called the Home Edition, this edition will provide you with all the features that Envision offers, the full package deal, if you will. You’ll also receive a 1 year warranty as well as a 1 year subscription to all feature updates and new functionality. This edition will run you $2,499. 

Next up they have the Professional Edition which offers you all the same features as the home edition but adds two fashionable frames as well as a 2-year warranty along with a lifetime subscription to all feature updates and new functionality. This edition will cost you $3,499.

Lastly, we have the Subscription Edition, this is an interesting one because it has all the same features as the Home Edition, but instead of forking over $2,500, you can pay a monthly subscription of $150 per month with zero commitment, use them as long as you like. If you want to check it out for yourself, click here to be taken directly to their website.

Final Thoughts

To put it to you straight, if you were to get this right now, you would be considered an “early-adopter”, and the price to be an early-adopter is, well, the price. If you have the means, then by all means, but I’d bet a nickel that in a few years, this type of technology will be much more affordable.

I hope you found this post valuable, and I’m honestly super excited to keep you all posted on the ever-changing world of accessible tech!

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