The Gateway Archers kicked off their 2022 season in Athens, GA as they competed in their first tournament of the year! Captain Kim Blumenthal, Captain Chad Dillon, Kyle Borah, Josh Sisson, Liam McCoy, Demetris Morrow, Leul McChesney, and Henry Allen along with sighted volunteers Kasondra McDaniel, Orlando Gonzalez, and pitchers Mari Blumenthal and Mike Curtis took on the Bayou City Heat, the Braille Bandits of Palm Beach County, and the Atlanta Chaos (the tournament host). The Archers roster was a little short-handed without Captain Rich Krussel, big hitter Jonathan Clemmons, and new Archers Ethan Johnston and Sean Borah, but they still performed well.

The Archers struggled a bit starting out. The fields were cut lower than any field on which the Archers have played previously. This caused hit balls to travel faster and farther than normal. Not to be counted out, though, the Archers adjusted to these new circumstances quickly, as evidenced by the final scores, and comfortably claimed third place in the tournament.

Kyle Borah lead the team in putouts with a total of six and also lead in scoring average with 0.625 after scoring 10 runs. New Archer Demetris Morrow was close on his heels with a scoring average of 0.500 with six runs.

All in all, the Archers scored 32 runs in four games during this tournament. A feat that becomes even more impressive considering they only scored 33 runs across nine games during the 2021 World Series last year. Definitely a move in the right direction!

Game results

Gateway Archers vs Bayou City Heat – Heat win 13-3

The first game proved to be crucial in helping the Archers adjust to the field. The game was very slow hitting to start with both teams striking out plenty in the first inning. The Archers kept pace with the Heat leaving the game tied 1-1 after the second inning, but the Heat pulled ahead after scoring three in the top of the third inning and adding another six in the fourth leaving them with a lead for the rest of the game.

Josh Sisson scored two runs for the Archers and Kyle Borah scored one.

Gateway Archers vs Atlanta Chaos – Chaos win 16-13

This was widely considered to be the best game of the entire tournament! It was also the Archers’ highest-scoring game in team history!

After 2.5 slower innings, the score stood at 6-3 Atlanta until the Archers put up five runs in the bottom of the third to take the lead. After some back and forth, the Archers were up 12-10 going into the final inning. Chaos pitcher Cartez Hill put up six runs giving Atlanta a 16-12 lead. The Archers’ last at-bat started well with Josh Sisson scoring, but three quick outs ended the game.

Demetris Morrow scored four runs; Chad Dillon, Kyle Borah, Josh Sisson, and Henry Allen each scored two; and one run was scored by Liam McCoy.

Gateway Archers vs Braille Bandits of Palm Beach County – Archers win 11-0

After a tough loss to the Heat, the Archers cruised to a solid win against still-developing team, the Braille Bandits.

Kyle Borah scored four runs; Chad Dillon, Josh Sisson, and Liam McCoy each scored two, and Henry Allen scored one run.

Gateway Archers vs Braille Bandits of Palm Beach County – Archers win 5-2

This was the 3rd place game for the Chaotic Invitational. Mari Blumenthal, age 16, took over pitching duties for the Archers. The Braille Bandits made some adjustments from the previous game, but it wasn’t enough and the Archers went on to win the game and secure their 3rd place finish.

Kyle Borah scored three runs and the remaining two were scored by Demetris Morrow.

The Archers take the field in sunny Georgia.

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