David Smith – 7 – Midfield – Captain

How old are you?

41 years old (but I feel like 25 lol)

Who is your favorite athlete of all time? (any sport)

Stone Cold Steve Austin

How many years have you played BeepBall?

8 years

How did you get introduced to BeepBall?

Through a veteran of the game while out at a birthday party I almost didn’t go to. 

Which of your teammates is most likely to cheer you up after a bad game?

None of them. These guys are savages. 

What would winning a World Series mean to you?

After growing up in an abusive environment, going through experiences like drug addiction followed by years of therapy and personal evolution through BeepBall, to me, winning a world series is that moment when I can truly say that I’ve finally overcome everything and everyone that tried to destroy me. To be able to walk around with a group of broken people just like me and say that we were the best in the world at this together is something I dream of daily. 

What do you want spectators to walk away with when watching BeepBall? 

Honestly, I just want our spectators to walk away entertained. I want them to walk away truly inspired. I want them to feel just like we did as kids experiencing our first big sporting event. 

What was your welcome-to-BeepBall moment?

My welcome-to-BeepBall moment was during my rookie season at the 2017 World Series in West Palm Beach. We were playing the defending champs Indy Thunder on Thursday. I played for the San Antonio Jets and one of our starters had broken his wrist the day before so I was starting as DH. In the middle of this back and forth dog fight with the defending champs I go on to miss three bases in a row! I went 2 for 7 with three missed bases in that game. Our team ended up still winning by 2 runs but it was definitely a welcome-to-BeepBall moment for me. 

What is your favorite thing about St. Louis?

The Bar-B-Q

What excites you most about the 2024 World Series?

Completing the Mission of being NBBA World Champions of BeepBall as a Gateway Archer. Our whole team has faced adversity like no other team has. We all put in the work, and we are ready. We deserve this! #FTA

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