MindsEye Announces Adaptive Athletics Program

The Metro St. Louis vision nonprofit will add GoalBall and Blind Soccer to its existing Beep Baseball Program

Belleville, IL October 4, 2022 – MindsEye is thrilled to announce the expansion of its Beep Baseball (BeepBall) Program into an Adaptive Athletics Program. MindsEye Adaptive Athletics (MAA) will include all aspects of the current BeepBall Program—the Gateway Archers nationally competitive team, educational demonstrations, and fundraising tournaments—with the addition of competitive GoalBall and Blind Soccer.

Designed for players who are blind or partially sighted, GoalBall is the most popular team sport among athletes in that community. It is played competitively in 112 countries and is part of the Paralympic Games. Participants compete in teams of three and are all blindfolded, regardless of vision level. The offensive team attempts to throw (never kick) a ball with embedded bells into the opponents’ goal while the defensive team dives to block the ball with their bodies. MindsEye will host camps, demonstrations, and tryouts to field a competitive team, aiming to compete nationally in 2023.

Blind soccer is played in 60 countries and has become the fastest-growing Paralympic sport in the world. Teams are made up of four outfield players and one goalkeeper. All outfield players are blindfolded, and the goalkeeper is fully or partially sighted. Teams may also have off-field guides to assist them. A sound system located inside the ball helps players orient themselves. To prevent injuries, players must shout the word ‘voy’ to alert the person they are attempting to tackle. MindsEye will be holding camps and demonstrations to build up a team to compete nationally in the future.

MindsEye will is aiming to host an introductory demonstration for both new sports on November 12, 2022. Interested individuals, including athletes who are blind or partially sighted and potential sighted volunteers, should contact MindsEye Director of Special Initiatives Mike Curtis at MCurtis@MindsEyeRadio.org.

Beep Baseball, or “BeepBall,” is an adaptive form of baseball that allows athletes of all visual abilities to play together. All BeepBall players are blindfolded, except for the sighted pitcher and outfield spotters. Players are guided by sound– the beeping ball, buzzing bases, and cues from the pitcher. MindsEye’s Gateway Archers team competes in the National Beep Baseball Association (NBBA).   MindsEye strives to build a more inclusive community by translating vision into audio for individuals who are blind or have low vision through four primary programs. The Broadcast Information Program provides listeners access to long-form journalism and local news and materials like grocery store ads, which allow people to stay informed and maintain independence. The Audio Description Program enables every person who attends a theatre.


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    Darnell Booker on October 4, 2022

    Great work!! Great opportunity for people who are blind and visually impaired., and sighted volunteers. Good luck on the other sports programs !

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