MindsEye President and CEO, Jason Frazier, interviewed Langford Cunningham. Langford is the Host of Blind City Podcast.

From the Blind City Podcast website (https://www.blindcitythepodcast.com/)

Blind City Podcast’s mission: To stimulate the heart of the nation by offering hope in a world filled with turmoil. Pumping truth and life into the veins of troubled young men and women throughout the world and giving the cause and effect of violence that clogs the arteries of this nation. By offering practical applications to shock the heart of the nation back into action, we help people see their vision and reach their goals and promote being positive through the pain.

About Langford Cunningham: After he lost his eyesight to glaucoma, Langford Cunningham received a vision from God for Blind City. After more than 30 surgeries and falling into a depression, Langford had to lose his sight to find his vision. Through his experience, Langford has a growing passion to help those in desperate situations find hope, hope in the Lord, and hope for a brighter future through a new vision. 

Ear to Ear with Langford Cunningham

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