Marilynn Kramer is a Monday afternoon regular at the MindsEye studio. After saying “hello” in passing week after week, MindsEye Development and Communications Coordinator Laura Foughty finally got to sit down with Marilynn at Kruta Bakery in Collinsville for coffee, donuts, and a chat!

Laura: How long have you been volunteering with MindsEye, and how did you get started?

Marilynn: I’ve been volunteering for MindsEye since 2006. I had always wanted to read for the station, and when I saw a blurb in my Church bulletin the week after retiring I knew the timing was right! I auditioned and subbed for a while before taking over the Christian Science Monitor, which I’ve read ever since. (Note: Marilynn is known for her excellent program introduction each week! You can listen to Marilynn’s latest program here.)

Laura: What do you read in your spare time?

Marilynn: I keep up with the Post-Dispatch and several magazines. I have a gazillion books on my iPad that I’m working through– a lot of historical fiction and mysteries by P.D. James and John Grisham. I also like to keep up on trivia since I love trivia nights.

Laura: What else do you do for fun?

Marilynn: I play pinochle, swim three times a week, and lector and minister at my Church.

Laura: What did you do before retiring?

Marilynn: I was a nurse at Cardinal Glennon for eons! My last 25 years there were spent in occupational health.

Laura: Okay, so Tom makes me ask everyone this– what’s your favorite pizza?

Marilynn: Without a doubt, it’s Alfonzo’s bacon, black olives, and mushrooms with extra cheese.

Thank you so much, Marilynn, for being a wonderful and dedicated MindsEye volunteer. Readers, feel free to leave comments below and say “hello” to Marilynn– you could be next to enjoy some Kruta’s with her!

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