On September 3, 2020, we celebrated with FOCUS St. Louis and amazing organizations in our region for the 2020 What’s Right with the Region Awards!

MindsEye was selected as one of the 2020 Emerging Initiatives honorees for our Arts and Culture Accessibility Cooperative initiative.

Emerging Initiatives honorees are organizations recognized for developing practical solutions, responding to identified needs, and serving as catalysts for change.

We are so grateful for this honor and recognition. Our work with the ACAC provides a space for museums, theaters, circuses, and more to learn how to make sure everyone can access their offerings, regardless of ability. Art is for everyone. Culture is meant to be shared.

To learn how you can get involved with the ACAC initiative, contact us info@mindseyeradio.org.

2020 WRWR – Emerging Initiatives Honorees video with audio description

And a special thanks our sponsors for making the ACAC possible:

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